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Mission Delafé is a non-profit organization with a vision to inspire, educate, and invest
in Kingdom builders.


Meet our Founder and Director

Eric Villatoro

At 27 years of age, Eric is the creator/lead director of the global project, Delafe Testimonies, and Founder/President of Mission Delafe Inc. Eric has been faithfully walking with Jesus since June of 2019 after realizing that only God could fill the emptiness and only God could heal the brokenness within him.


From the age of five to twenty three, no one knew that behind the smiles and the creativity, Eric had made a promise to himself to never share the depth of his sexual brokenness.

 Finally, after walking with Jesus for over a year, being freed from the bondage of the Devil, Eric shared his testimony for the first time in his life and God allowed him to witness the power of the Testimony of Jesus. From that moment on, Eric embarked on the mission to create the world's largest archive of Jesus testimonies.

El Salvador Delafe-48 (1).webp

Meet our Board of Directors

Willem Griffioen 

Dr. Kathy Griffioen 

Genesis Guevara

Eric Villatoro

Kelly Martinez

Jon Martinez

Allan Meade

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